From beginner to more advanced,
learn or perfect your French!

The Alliance Française de Newcastle offers a range of different courses and levels to learn French.

We offer "standard classes".
Our standard classes are based on one-year learning, with classes starting on February each year. 
It includes all our Beginners, continuing beginners, elementary, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Advanced classes.

We offer "short classes" and "workshops"
Generally, our short classes are based on one term learning whereas our workshops are based on a few hours.
Our short classes include French for Travellers and Conversational French
Throughout the year, we offer pronunciation workshops, conjugation workshops as well as cultural workshops.  

Enrollment is available on a term by term basis for more flexibility.

In other words, when you register for term 1, if you wish to continue in term 2, you will have to register for term 2.
Generally, enrollment for the other terms of the year are available three weeks before the start of the term. 

It is possible to enroll mid-term and mid-year depending on your level and the availability in the classroom.
We have a maximum capacity of 15 students per class.
Please, make sure to contact us before enrolling if you wish to join mid-term or mid-year.

For the beginner course, we usually do not recommend starting a beginner course in term 3 or 4 especially if you have no prior knowledge of the language. Make sure to contact us as there may be other options available.

Last but not least, if you are unsure about your level, check out our "what is my level page".


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