Soirée Raclette

Let's celebrate the end of winter with a Francophone dish!

To all members, we are very excited to organise for the first time a soirée raclette. 

La raclette is a delicious winter dish originally from Switzerland but very well known and enjoyed in France.

What is "la raclette"? 

La raclette is the name of a dish but also the name of the main ingredient of that dish : the cheese!

When you have a "raclette", you expect eating melting cheese on potatoes with "charcuterie" (small goods)  and bread. 

When you think about raclette, you think about that special "raclette machine" to melt the cheese. Yes, in French we call it "l'appareil à raclette" or "la raclonette". 

Last but not least, a soirée raclette often means an evening in great company with family and/or friends, an evening described as "convivial". 

So... dear members, we hope you are as excited as we are to organise our first soirée raclette. 


Join us Friday 6th of September at 6.30pm at the Alliance Française de Newcastle's premises

Don't forget, "le régime, c'est demain!"
(the diet is for tomorrow). 

Click HERE to book your tickets 

* Please note that this event is for members only. Membership is required but you can come with one person who does not need to be a member. One purchase is limited to two tickets. 

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