Online French Trivia Night

How well do you know france and its people ? 

Bonjour et bienvenue !

Do you like challenges ? How well do you know France and its people ?

We are hosting an online TRIVIA night via ZOOM.

Let's find out and join us online on Friday 24th of July at 6.45pm !

How does it work?
- Connect to the zoom meeting and meet our French hosts who will read the questions both in English and in French.
- Use the app/or sign up to the website Kahoot! to answer each of the questions.

- We recommend using your computer/laptop for the Zoom meeting.
- We recommend using your phone to answer the question with Kahoot!

To join the trivia :  
Click on the following link to join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 880 0037 8992
Passcode: 790441

How does Kahoot! work:
Kahoot! is a website and an app that you can access via your computer or your phone.
We recommend using your phone and download the app Kahoot! or click on this link and sign up.

On the night of the trivia, we will give you the game PIN on Zoom.
You will need to enter the game PIN to access the answers and follow the instructions.
We will also help you via Zoom if you experience any difficulty.

But, as we say in French, "Le tour est joué !" so you should be all set up to start and play!

Enjoy a few drinks and food from the comfort of your home and test your knowledge on the French culture! So... Are you up for the challenge ?

See you on Friday 24th of July at 6.45pm !

If you do not have Zoom follow the instructions below:

Please download the zoom software before the TRIVIA on your desktop or laptop. You can follow the tutorial here:
After downloading Zoom, at your first connection, the software will automatically run "tests" to make sure your audio, microphone and camera work.

Click on the link of the meeting and enter the password to join the Trivia.

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