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Your previous selection: Intermediate 2

The course will cover the following:
  • Reading material will explore French authors and French culture.The reading material along with news items will provide conversation topics as well as aural comprehension.  The grammar points revised and learned are: 
  • Revision of articles: definite, indefinite, partitive, contracted
  • Revision of adjectives: position, endings of descriptive adjectives, possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives
  • Revision of personal pronouns
  • Revision of demonstrative and possessive pronouns
  • Revision of tenses: present, future, passé composé, imperfect
  • The pluperfect (plus-que-parfait)
  • The futur antérieur
  • The conditional (present and past tenses)
  • The subjunctive (present tense)1
  • Si to express a condition (2)
  • Indirect speech (2)
Relative pronouns (2): dont, auquel, avec laquelle... etc.
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Intermediate 2 - Term 4 Enrolment Continuation of term 3

Product Code: 2019-T4-I2-G1-STD Term 4 Enrolment Continuation of term 3 2019

Age Group Adults
Type Standard
Session 2019 - Term 4
Pace 2 hours / week over 9 weeks
Level Intermediate 2
Schedules 15 Oct 2019 to 10 Dec 2019
  • Tuesday - 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Suite 1, level 1, 799-803 Hunter Street (Francine Jorda)
Note: We conduct the classes based on the school timetable. You can refer to our "Calendar" page for more information about the holidays and public holidays.

You can refer to our "Timetable" page for more information about the location of the class.

For this course, you will need to purchase/be in possession of the Alter Ego 2. It is one textbook and one workbook (They are used for the Intermediate level). If you do not have the books, it is available for purchase on our website at a discounted price.

A valid membership is required to enrol in this course.
A valid membership is required in order to enroll in this course
Required Course Material
$65.00 AUD
Alter Ego 2 - Bundle - Textbook + workbook

Alter Ego 2 is required for the Intermediate course and corresponds to the level A2 from the CEFR.

'Alter ego' is based on a variety of real-life situations to create interaction, leading to the acquisition of effective communicative skills.

$230.00 AUD
Approx $154.79 USD

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