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Your previous selection: Français Renforcé

The objective is to be able to practise speaking and writing skills on a diverse range of topics. You will review some important advanced grammatical points.

Our ‘Renforcé’ course is not based on a textbook. It relies
instead on sharing the individual exploration of the news, readings, video
watching, personal experiences, etc and is complemented by articles and activities extracted mainly from Bien-dire magazine.

This course is first and foremost a collaborative course in
which students have the floor and decide on the direction of discussions, expressing
their personal views with respect and explaining and finding solutions among
themselves to the particular difficulties encountered in the formulation of these
opinions. The teacher's role is to ensure the communication’s progress and to clarify
or rectify these explanations as well as to provide all the necessary
grammatical, linguistic and cultural support.

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Available Courses: 1

2021 - Term 1

From 1 Feb to 1 Apr

Term 1 of 2021 is 9 weeks long. 

NOTE that for classes on Friday and on the week-end, we will have a shorter term (8 weeks) as the 02/04 is Good Friday. 

No course available for this selection

2021 - Summer courses

From 13 Jan to 17 Feb

Summer course is designed for students who would like to do some revisions and workshops. 

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