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The course will cover the following:
  • Reading material will explore French authors and French culture.The reading material along with news items will provide conversation topics as well as aural comprehension.  The grammar points revised and learned are: 
  • Revision of articles: definite, indefinite, partitive, contracted
  • Revision of adjectives: position, endings of descriptive adjectives, possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives
  • Revision of personal pronouns
  • Revision of demonstrative and possessive pronouns
  • Revision of tenses: present, future, passé composé, imperfect
  • The pluperfect (plus-que-parfait)
  • The futur antérieur
  • The conditional (present and past tenses)
  • The subjunctive (present tense)1
  • Si to express a condition (2)
  • Indirect speech (2)
Relative pronouns (2): dont, auquel, avec laquelle... etc.

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2022 - Term 3

From 18 Jul to 24 Sep
No course available for this selection

2022 - Term 1

From 31 Jan to 2 Apr
No course available for this selection

2022 - Term 2

From 26 Apr to 9 Jul

No classes on Monday 25/04. It will be rescheduled on Monday 27/06 

No classes on Monday 13/06. It will be rescheduled on monday 04/07

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