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The class puts a strong emphasis on improving your speaking and listening skills. Each week, you will work in groups of two to practise basic dialogues. The book will help you improve your listening skills and the teacher will hand out some exercises that will assist you in understanding specific points in grammar and conjugation.
  • Revision of conjugations for common verbs (present, passé composé, future,imperative)
  • The imperfect (l’imparfait)
  • Partitive articles/how to express a quantity
  • The pronoun en for aquantity
  • Demonstrative pronouns (celui-ci, ceux-là …etc.)
  • Imperative of pronominalverbs
  • Revision of aller + infinitive
  • Venir de + infinitive (recent past)/être en train de +infinitive (action in progress)
  • Time expressions (il y a, depuis, pendant, etc.)
  • How to compare (2)
  • Si to express acondition (1)
  • Conditional mood
  • Relative pronouns (1): qui, que, où
  • Indirect speech (1)

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Available Courses: 2

2021 - Term 1

From 1 Feb to 1 Apr

Term 1 of 2021 is 9 weeks long. 

NOTE that for classes on Friday and on the week-end, we will have a shorter term (8 weeks) as the 02/04 is Good Friday. 

No course available for this selection

2021 - Summer courses

From 13 Jan to 17 Feb

Summer course is designed for students who would like to do some revisions and workshops. 

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