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Culture fran├žaise

We are very excited to offer a new class for Francophiles in the Newcastle Region.

This course is an introduction to French culture. It is not a "general" French class where you will learn the French language. You will discover or learn about anything related to art, architecture, literature, fashion, movies but also French and francophone customs, social habits, cuisine and a lot more!

Les années folles

Our first introduction to French culture classes will start in term 3, from Wednesday 19th of July to Wednesday 13th of September.
We will talk about "les années folles" also known as the Roaring twenties. The early twenties represented the beginning of a new era after the austerity and massacres of World War I. New lifestyles, new technologies emerged. It was the time of novelty with extravagance and parties.

Paris, already known for its fashion designers and entertainment, became a mecca for emerging artists and thinkers from all over the world.

The course

Based on various resources such as texts, short documentaries and movies, poetry and paintings, we offer you to travel back in time with us.

Let's go back to the Twenties to discover what were "les années folles" in France and their influence in today's French society.

This course will be conducted in English.

All materials excluding documentaries and movies will also be available in French (for students who would prefer activities in French).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Planning of the course
- Weeks 1 & 2 : Introduction to "les Années folles"
- Weeks 3 & 4 : Paris, the luminous years
- Weeks 5 &  6 : Midnight in Paris,
- Week 7 : Surrealism (poetry)
- Week 8 : Approach to literature
- Week 9 : Study of artists' portraits

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